Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hip, Happenin' Housekeeping...

That's right! Jen's Housekeeping Service has now jumped on the social networking bandwagon. See our "Fan Page" link on the left to check out new things we find of interest. Bear in mind it is a fairly new fan page so there isn't much to it yet.

We will still keep the blog alive, and hopefully will be posting some of our many thoughts soon (I suppose being too busy to turn our ideas into blog entries is a good thing though, right??)

There may be articles that we find of interest, helpful hints we have come across, local events/information we'd like to share, maybe even some discussions or reviews ... who knows what could pop up on our fan page. Feel free to head over and check it out!


  1. you ladies are definite trend setters! that bandwagon is rolling over the competition!
    got a question--what's the best, healthy planet way to deal with mildew?

  2. GASP! The most dreaded question I encounter includes the words "mildew" and "eco-friendly" in the same sentence! Everybody knows that the best way to fight mildew is with bleach - which most eco-conscious people do not want to use - soooooooooo, here *I* am, forced to learn and teach chemistry . . . it's what it boils down to! (jen the chemist? eek gaad!) It is very obvious to most people that bleach can be quite toxic to humans in many ways, but is it harmful to the environment? Bleach is made from chlorine, which is made from salt, so how bad can it be once it re-enters the lands and waters of our earth from our homes? Well - if you look at those sites (probably funded by Clorox) you will find that it is not at all damaging to the earth! Buuuuuuuuuut - if you look at those sites (probably made by fanatical tree huggers) you will feel that by using bleach, you are killing life as we know it! My own conclusion, based on my very limited knowledge of chemistry, is that the answer *DUN DUN DUN* is probably somewhere in between, and maybe even closer to the view that it does not harm the earth. Once the elements of chlorine are re-introduced into our sewage/water systems, they quickly become deactivated. (I think) Basically - common household bleach appears to hold toxicity in regards to human life, but not so much once it is diluted back into the world. HOWEVER - as an eco-friendly housekeeper - I advocate two other methods for dealing with mildew: prevention in the first place and vinegar and elbow grease (ok - three!)! Once ya got it, you may not be able to get rid of it without bleach, but it depends on the situation. Borax and Vinegar are mildew retardants, so use them liberally in any area where mold may or does appear! In the mean time - you will have to decide for yourself how you feel about bleach - so, so, soooooo sorry! Happy decision toiling!