Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Housekeeping" versus "Housecleaning"

I learned a lot about keeping a house from my Mema (aka: Grandma). I say "keeping" a house, instead of "cleaning" a house, because she made it a point to differentiate the two. My Mema used to lecture me often that if I would learn to "keep" a house, then I wouldn't have to clean very often. Brilliant she was! I wonder if she could sense that I was becoming a true messy, because I think she targeted me above the other grand kids! Ahhhhhhhh, I can hear the gasps already as I admit such a horrible sin: I - Jen, THE housekeeper of Jen's Housekeeping, am a messy. But don't worry! I am also a mean - green - cleaning - machine! Let me explain:

Even though I may let stacks of papers pile up in various places of my house - I can't stand to let my shower get moldy! Even though I may leave my "stuff" all over the house because I am going to do something with it soon - the kitchen floor must be clean. I think you probably understand. There are a lot of us out there. The problem with messy is that often times it becomes hard to clean unless a ridiculous amount of time is spent putting "stuff" away! Luckily, I can always get to the toilet and the shower - no paper stacks there - without dealing with the stuff, but dusting, vacuuming, and other things become impossible. Also, when there is stuff everywhere, it just gives the impression of "dirty"! Unfortunately, the two go hand in hand, no matter how you look at it!

My Mema must have realized that I was pretty good at cleaning, but that I was in trouble when it came to maintaining order, so she tried to explain to me the concept of keeping a house, versus cleaning a house. I suppose she got through to me - because over the years I have fought my tendency to make a mess, losing the battle most of the time, but winning just enough to know that because of her, I just may have it in me! The really weird thing is - or maybe I should say - the providential thing is - when I started this business I actually called it: Jen's Housecleaning, but I couldn't get an email with the same name, so I was forced, FORCED, to change my name to: Jen's Housekeeping! I thought of her the very instant that I was able to open an email with the word - keeping - rather than - cleaning! Of course! It was meant to be me and my house and my business, and it was meant for me to carry on to others what I learned from her.

I am so glad to have my web site up and running, and I am so glad to have this opportunity to blog my thoughts and ideas for you. When I am at your house, technically I am cleaning, and only a bit of what I do helps to keep the order. But I hope that my cleaning will make it easier for you - oh keeper of the house - to do your job after I leave. Through my web site and this blog, hopefully you will glean the encouragement and knowledge necessary to help you become the keeper that my Mema knows you can be! If you already are a skilled keeper of your home - I would love to hear about your strategy so that I can share all the handy tips possible with my readers.

Before I wrap this one up, I just want to assure you all that I am right there with you on this one. I long to keep not only my house, but my sanity, my peace of mind, and my dignity! In a few months, we won't care who knocks on our doors unexpectedly . . . no way! Door wide open and nothing to hide!

Come back soon - we here at Jen's Housekeeping have just begun!

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  1. Jen,
    What a treat! I've enjoyed reading your blog--learning about your philosophy and inspiration has been great.
    Even better, however, is experiencing--first hand--how you put it into practice. Thanks for your hard work.